You have done everything and then you want it to come out. No matter what kind of performance: sports, management, dance, art, etc. How do you prepare yourself optimally for the performances you want to deliver. How do you approach that physically or mentally as well as possible?

And then there it is, you are optimally prepared, and you are at the start line. Now it must happen! Now it has to come out! How can you ensure that you perform optimally at the ‘moment suprême’? That you get everything out of it.

Optiformance can help you with that! With the help of a specialized exercise physiologist and sports psychologist you will be guided towards your optimal performance!

Jason is someone who lives and breathes sport. Once started at the sports academy and then continued with human movement sciences and graduated as an exercise physiologist. Finally, the post academic training to become a sports psychologist and we have someone who knows physically and mentally what needs to be done if you want to perform optimally. Jason tried most of it himself. First in football and later on running. Eventually he found his passion in triathlon sport. After a few successes, he succeeded in qualifying for the World Championships in Hawaii, the Ironman. After this highlight Jason started to focus more on helping others realize their dreams.

If you would like to have realized your dream, let Jason help you. He knows what it takes!

Human Movement Scientist (MSc.)         Ironman South-Africa (9:29)
Exercise physiologist                                Ironman Hawaii (9:57)
Sports psychologist VSPN                       Marathon Eindhoven (2:59)

Before we start working we have a free introductory meeting. This determines what the starting point is and where you would like to go. On the basis of this data, a plan is drawn up with the goals you have desired.
Then there follows training according to the plan. Physical training can be performed under the supervision of Optiformance or yourself. Mental training will initially take place under the supervision of Optiformance and then you have to get started yourself. After a while, an evaluation will be made to see if we are still on the right track and if the plan needs to be adjusted.
Finally, the completion of the process follows. This evaluates how it went and gives advice on how to proceed.

Optiformance has different rates, depending on the services that are provided. The introductory meeting is always free of charge. Guidelines that can be observed are:
– Mental training and/or sports psychological counseling € 75 per session of 45 minutes;
– Counseling with the help of training schedules € 75 euros every four-week period;
– Supervision of physical training € 50 euros per training of one hour.
The above prices are excl. VAT. They are only guidelines. Different rates apply to teams or clinics. During the introductory meeting, it will be clearly indicated what the costs will be. Sometimes you can declare the invoice to an authority. Inform yourself about this in a timely manner. Guidance by a sports psychologist is not reimbursed by most health insurers. Sports psychologists are required to pay 21% VAT on all their services and products.